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splash guard

Glass screens are a unique art form and can separate space and sound without being intrusive or minimizing. Glass screens have always been used to separate rooms from one another, but in recent years, with all the advances in glass hardware and glass tempering, these design miracles have made their way into the bathing space as shower screens. While keeping the water out, glass allows light and depth into an otherwise small bathing space.

The typical size for a glass shower screen is 36" wide by 72" tall. The availability of different glass types offers the convenience of choosing the separation and even the color that denotes the space. Choose between clear glass, frosted glass, rain glass, or even the clear, low-iron glass, which produces unsurpassed clarity that can only be matched by HD quality.

How the glass is held in place to produce the desired look is another option available to consumers through advances in glass hardware. Choose between a small, 2” by 2” metal clip that creates the feeling of “framelessness” or a thin, easily concealed, U-channel that holds the glass erect.

These glass panels deliver the ultimate in minimalist chic, and also lead the way in universal design. Glass offers relevance and staying power for the long haul. Walk-in showers impact space with openness and ease.